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AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon is a partially self-supported extreme triathlon ordeal which severely tests the athlete’s physical and mental stamina. In order to increase the on-course safety each athlete is obligated to have an official supporter who is responsible for providing the athlete with clothing and food during the course of the race.

It is mandatory for the supporter to accompany his athlete during the bike leg of the race where no aid stations will be organized by the AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon Team. A combination of alternating altitude and unpredictable alpine weather can lead to noticeable temperature changes which can be amplified by strong winds and snow or rain storms. Therefore, the supporter must take care of his athlete’s wellbeing in a supporter vehicle which is allowed to provide support only at appropriate places.

We are well aware that any additional support is highly appreciated which is why the AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon Team will organize aid stations in transition areas, as well as during the run leg of the race. The aid stations will provide beverages and food.


We will organize three aid stations during the run leg of the race which will be positioned approximately 10 km apart. The first aid station will be organized in Tolmin (8.8 km (192.6 km), 205 m) near the Church of Mary’s Assumption where the athletes and supporters will be able to refuel their energy levels before a long and strenuous ascent. The second aid station will be located in Tolminske Ravne (20.7 km (204.5 km), 915 m). In addition, the aid station also serves as a cut-off time checkpoint.

Athletes who will not pass this checkpoint in time or will not be allowed to continue due to health or safety issues, will finish their race at this checkpoint to ensure their maximum safety.
The third and last aid station before the finish line will be located at the mountain hut at Planina Zadnji Vogel (32.6 km (216.4 km), 1415 m).


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