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The AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon is a partially self-supported race, with no road and hiking trail closures. During the race the athletes will be subjected to extreme physical and mental efforts. To ensure maximum safety of all the athletes, supporters and the AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon team all participants, athletes as well as supporters, must be familiar with the Race Manual and the Road Book. This is a mandatory as well as a necessary step towards ensuring basic safety and informing all participants about foreseeable potential hazards.


Race Manual


The Race Manual is the main document in which the AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon is fully presented along with all the information needed regarding the race – the registration, rules, instructions for the athletes and supporters, mandatory equipment and other.

You can download the Race Manual by using the link below!

Road Book


The Road Book on the other hand contains detailed information regarding all three courses – photos of intersections, designation of places where supporters are recommended to stop, transition areas, aid stations and other.


The Road Book will be published soon!

Release of Liability


Release of Liability is an important document which presents all important points which need to be understood and accepted by the athlete as well as his official supporter as a precondition to participating in the race.


The Release of Liability document will be published soon!


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