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At this point we would like to emphasize that aid stations are only organized on T2 and during the run leg which is why each athlete needs at least one supporter (mandatory) to provide all the support needed during the bike leg.

The official supporter must be capable to communicate with the AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon Team in Slovenian or English. The athlete will not be permitted to start the race without a registered supporter. The supporter is personally responsible for the athlete during the course of the race. The supporter accompanies his athlete in a marked supporter vehicle. Both the athlete as well as his supporter must strictly follow the traffic rules! It is forbidden to drive right in front or behind the athlete, and the athlete is not allowed to sit in the supporter vehicle.

The supporter is responsible for providing food and beverages for his athlete during the bike leg of the race. Suitable meeting points will be marked with AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon road signs, whereas the details and maps can be found in the Road Book.

Even though it is not mandatory to have a supporter during the run section of the race, we recommend one. The supporter can follow his athlete in the supporter vehicle till Tolmin, and on foot or bicycle from Tolmin to Tolminske Ravne. From Tolminske Ravne onward it is possible to accompany the athlete only on foot.

The supporter must also bring and pick up all the gear at T1 and T2.

Details of the official supporter (name, e-mail and mobile phone number) have to be inputted during athlete registration. This mobile phone is a link between the organizers and the supporter, therefore the supporter must have a functioning phone with the registered number on him during the entire race.


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