The Tale of Goldenhorn


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The Tale of Goldenhorn

The Triglav Lakes valley and the vast high mountain Komna plateau were once an Alpine paradise. It was inhabited by the White Women, lenient and kind-hearted creatures which appeared also in the valley where they provided remedy for poor man in need and women in labor. A child born in their presence was to be guarded for a lifetime. Despite all the good work the White Women have done they wouldn’t seek for any gratitude. They would graze their herds which were led by a white goat with golden horns. His golden horns were also the key to a hidden treasure. No one could ever get near the habitat of the White Women and Goldenhorn, even if someone tried rocks, avalanches and storms made him return to the valley.

One day a young hunter, raised by the White Women, fell in love with a young girl from the valley. Because he was raised by the White Women he was able to climb the highest of mountains and see the most beautiful of places in the Alps. To gain love of his chosen girl he would bring her each day a bouquet of beautiful mountain flowers. But one day a venetian merchant, who was also trying to gain the girl’s love, had given her a piece of golden jewelry and told her that if a hunter would have loved her like he did, he would have brought her the so called Goldenhorn treasure.

From that day on the girl was no longer interested in the hunter which is why the hunter decided to gain her love and affection back by finding the Goldenhorn treasure. The next morning, he found the Goldenhorn on a mountain cliff, standing in all his glory. At that moment the hunter forgot about his miraculous power and took a shot at the Goldenhorn. From the blood of the wounded animal grew healing Triglav flowers which healed the Goldenhorn. He stood up and ran towards the hunter who, scared and blinded by the glow of the golden horns, fell off a cliff. That day the Goldenhorn destroyed his Alpine paradise and disappeared for ever. No one has ever seen him again and his treasure remained hidden somewhere in the mountains of the Triglav.

The legend arose in the heart of the Julian Alps. It tells about the miraculous gardens in the valley of the Triglav lakes and is timeless. Her message is about the destroying (devastating) consequences for the nature when a man exceeds the limit of reasonable, follows only self-interest and starts tearing down the natural balance just to satisfy own need to gain materially. Therefore, his punishment is death. The nature on the other hand slowly recovers and lives on forever.


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