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The Alpineman Xtreme Triathlon will make its premier on September 23rd, 2017 at 5:00 AM when 50 athletes accompanied by dusk will confront the swim section over Lake Bohinj. AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon is a circular race, starting and finishing at Ribčev Laz.




The main driving force of organizing this extreme triathlon is simple, yet empowering: to connect the overwhelming beauty of Nature with human endurance and determination to conquer its challenges. The AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon team wants to use this epic race to present nature’s beauties of the Triglav National Park and surrounding places to the athletes and their supporters. The race will undoubtedly challenge every single athlete and the experience will stay in your hearts for years to come.


Race Venue


Alpineman Xtreme Triathlon is centered around and within the magnificent Triglav National Park (TNP), a true pride of the Slovenian nation. Triglav National Park is the only Slovenian national park and is named after the highest Slovenian summit Mt. Triglav, located in the heart of the park. The mountain presents a true national symbol and is featured on the national coat of arms and the flag. It extends in the north-western part of Slovenia, in the south-eastern part of the Alps. The park covers 880 square kilometers of mountainous and foresty area, or 4 % of the Slovenian territory and it is one of the oldest European parks.

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Why AlpineMan Xtreme Triathlon?


  • An unforgettably epic experience which you share with your supporters and loved ones.
  • A circular race with the start and finish at Lake Bohinj.
  • Swimming in Slovenia’s largest glacial lake, surrounded by 1200 to 2000 m high Bohinj Mountains.
  • Bike across the mountainous, forest covered Pokljuka plateau.
  • Conquer the legendary Vršič mountain pass.
  • Ride along the emerald green Soča river.
  • Ascend the 1922 m high summit of Mt. Vogel.
  • Follow the paths and mule tracks of the WW2 era Alpine Wall fortification system.
  • Trail running on beautiful hiking trails across the Lower Bohinj Mountains, surrounded by unobstructed views towards the Julian Alps.